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Friday, 10 December 2010

Upcoming Tournament

So, come February I'll be heading to the Vapnartak 40k tournament and it's time to finalise what I'm aiming for list wise.....and even army wise!

I'm currently torn, I have 3 options in regards to Army with various pros and cons to each choice - one of y main considerations is that I really don't want to be buying anything else as I already have a massive amount of unpainted figures kicking about. The tournament is a one day affair and you play four 1000 point matches throughout the day. I attended last year and found it was one of the more fun and relaxed tournaments that I've participated in. My choices boil down as follows:

Pro: I have LOTS of eldar figures so I can pretty much field any build I can come up with.
Con: I have LOTS of UNPAINTED eldar figures, if I decided to run with the Space Elves then I'll have a pretty sizeable task ahead of me getting the army up to scratch.
Con: Dated codex

Pro: Took these guys last year so I could just run with the same list as then.
Pro: I have a fair amount of extra Tau figures, some painted some not, so if I decided to make changes to last years list I'd not have any cash outlay to worry about and minimal time to get extra stuff painted.
Con: I've never done very well with the Tau at Tournaments in the past so it may be shooting myself in the foot even considering taking them.
Con: Kroot.......they're fugly! I've always loved the look of the majority of the Tau models but the Kroot figures just don't appeal to me so I'm adamant that I wont field them, the trouble with that outlook is that they seem to feature in pretty much every "competitive" tau list out there so I may be loosing out by not taking them.
Con: Dated codex

Blood Angels
Pro: I have a 1750 point list all painted and assembled so no work would be required with these as long as I choose my list accordingly.
Pro: This is a recent codex and as such is geared up to take advantage of the current rules edition.
Con: The 1750 list I have is pretty much all jump infantry with a few Land Speeders, whether this would compress down to a reasonable 1000 point list is doubtful.
Con: I have very few figures asides from the 1750 point "Descent of Angels" list and changes such as Razorback spam would involve a significant cash outlay.

So there you have it, any suggestions to prod me along the path to a decision would be, as always, appreciated!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

An Update.....Shocking I Know!!!

Well, it's been far too long since I've updated this blog and all I can say is sorry peeps - what with starting a new job and moving the missus in it's been a bit of a crazy few months. Now that things are (hopefully!) going to start to settle down I should be posting on here again with a bit more frequency, but for now I've just got a couple of short things to say:

This Blog
I'd always intended this blog to mainly follow my 40k "habit" with the odd bit of other general gaming info added in if I had nothing else to post. As I'm playing allot of Warhammer 8th Ed currently there have been the odd posts about that creeping in recently....well, not so much recently but you get the idea.

I'm going to be moving the focus of this blog back to 40k related topics, this will also include certain posts about the RPG's, novels and board games that are set within the 40k universe as I'm pretty much a sucker for the lot. The fantasy posts will be appearing somewhere else, which brings me to.....

The Other Blog!
Me and 3 of my friends are looking to start a WFB blog called The Averland Chronicle - this blog will be used to track our progress at getting our WFB armies together and will also follow our trials and tribulations during a campaign we are hoping to get kicked off in the coming months. I will still be posting announcements on this blog when there are new posts on The Averland Chronicle but my intention is that all Fantasy related content that I've got to post will all be on that blog.

Well, that's it for now - hopefully it won't be another three months before I get another post up!

Monday, 16 August 2010

A Hard Weekends Work at the Forge

Over the last weekend I managed to get a bit of time to sit down and make some headway on my Dwarf army. I managed to get the following assembled:

1 x Cannon
1 x Grudge Thrower
16 x Quarellers
16 x Thunderers
16 x Dwarf Warriors
1 x Master Engineer
1 x Rune Master

I'd already assembled 20 x Ironbreakers so this now means I've got a 1500 Point list assembled and I can actually play! With that in mind I've booked in 2 games on Wednesday, in the morning I'll be playing Ricks High Elf's and in the evening I'll be facing off against Brads Empire army - should be a good intro into the world of 8th Edition. 

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Toy Soldier Update

It's been 2 weeks since me, Brad and Neil made the trip across to Preston for Toy Soldier and basically I did not do well!

To cut a long story short I finished 38th out of 40 players - not where I'd hoped to place but the way the scoring was handled in this tournament meant that as soon as you'd lost a couple of games you were potentially 64 points adrift of the top players (as the top you could score on a match was 32 points). I only managed to win the 4th game out of the 5 but in that game everything fell into place and the army worked like a dream, the others were a pretty mixed bag but I did make quite a few mistakes. 

My biggest problem seems to be that I have a tendency to hang back when I should be getting in my opponents face and end up getting shot up or I try to be very aggressive when I should really be hanging back a bit and bringing my firepower to bear.

I've taken this poor performance as a learning experience, I fought 'nids for the first time and even though I got beat on I learned allot from the game. I'm still pretty new to playing the Blood Angels and I'm hoping that this is the main reason why I didn't do so well, we will be playing at another tournament down in Oxford in September and my current leaning is to stick with this list and use the games I'll have there as more "testing" (as I don't think I'm going to have chance for many games in the interim) and then decide whether I want to make any changes.

Thats all for now, as per usual comments welcome.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Toy Soldier and BA Done!!!

Tomorrow morning me, Bradimus Prime (of the Space Wolves Grey Blog) and Neil will be heading to the Toy Soldier tournament in Preston. The tournament will be 1750 points and will be 5 games fought over 2 days. Hopefully my performance will end up placing me slightly higher on the table than 2nd or 3rd to last (which would be a nice change!) but as I've yet to win a 1 on 1 game with my BA I'm just going to have to see.

As per usual I've left things until the 11th hour and have only just got my army finished tonight (although that said both Brad and Neil are in the same position!) but I am pretty damn pleased that I've got the army finished.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Time for a Change.....

Well, I think it's time for this blog to have a bit of an overhaul as I'm a tad tired of the current look so coming soon will be Library of Borkan v2.0!!! Therefore take this as a heads up and don't be surprised if you check things and it looks a right mess as I will be playing with a few different things until I get it the way I want it.

This blog started as a way to track the progress of me getting my Tau and Eldar armies painted and ready for war but along the way it's changed into more of a general tracker for my GW "habit" (honestly, I can quit whenever I want!!!) and I think looking to the future there may be a few more things creeping in such as RPG stuff and it'll probably become a blog tracking my various nerdy hobbies.

As I'm making these changes any feedback from you guys would, as ever, be appreciated!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Dwarfs Inbound!

As I stated in my last post now that 8th Edition WFB has landed I'm looking at  getting my Dwarf on. I managed to get my grubby little mits on a copy of the new Rulebook on Saturday and I've gotta say I'm really liking what I'm seeing so far - I've never really played any of the previous versions of fantasy so I'm coming at this essentially as a new player but it looks like it's going to be allot of fun.

Back when the 25th Anniversary sets were out for WFB a couple of years back I picked up the Dwarf army deal and it's pretty much just sat in a cupboard ever since - upside of this is that I don't have to outlay allot of cash to get started on Fantasy.

Myself, Brad, Neil and Rick will be doing a similar thing to when we were doing the 40k league to encourage us to get our army's assembled and painted. We are starting off with a target of 1500 points and will be working up from there. My first stab at a list is as follows (bear in mind that this is from a "n00b" perspective):

1500 Point Dwarf Army  
Dwarf Lord - Oathstone, Shield, Rune of Striking, Rune of Might, Master Rune of Smiting. 283 points
20 x Iron Breakers - Musician, Standard Bearer, 3 x Runes of Sanctuary. 323 points
20 x Dwarf Warriors - Shields, Great Weapons, Musician, Standard Bearer. 235 points
12 x Dwarf Warriors - Shields, Musician, Standard Bearer. 123 points
19 x Thunderers - Musician, Standard Bearer. 271 points
Grudge Thrower - Rune of Accuracy, Rune of Penetrating, Rune of Reloading. 140 points
Master Engineer - Great Weapon, Master Rune of Spite. 119 points

All in all that comes to 1494 points, I am totally expecting something (or should I say several somethings) in that list to be done wrong as it's my first stab at it and I will probably change it as I get more comfortable with the rules but it gives me a starting point to get things glued and painted. Ideas, suggestions and criticisms are, as always, appreciated guys.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

League Update and Getting My Arse Into Gear

So many projects, soooo little time! This last month has been a touch crazy and I've found myself falling behind with several of my projects but July will be a productive month......maybe!

League Completion!

That’s right folks we have finally managed to finish our little league and as you can see on the table at the top of this blog I finished dead last. The last game I had was against Neil’s Ork's with my Tau, the game was pretty damn close to be fair but as per usual the game went all the way to turn 7 and I just didn't have enough stuff left by this point to pull a draw out of the bag (although at the end of turn 5 or 6 I would have managed the draw). Congrats to Brad who's Space Wolves managed an unparalleled dominance over the league.

Toy Soldier

I, along with Brad and Neil, will be attending the 40k tournament at the Toy Soldier convention at the end of July. This tournament will see 5 games played over 2 days and it's allegedly rather a fun weekend. I'll be running a 1745 point Blood Angels army which is made up as follows:

Librarian (Powers: Blood Lance, Sanguine Sword, Jump Pack                            125 Points
5 x Honour Guard with Jump Packs (1 x Sanguinary Novitiate, 1 x Bolt Pistol + Chain Sword, 3 x Meltagun)                                                                                                                                195 Points

10 x Assault Marines (7 x Bolt Pistol + Chain Sword, 2 x Meltagun, 1 x Sergeant with Power Fist and Bolt Pistol)                                                                                                                                        235 Points
10 x Assault Marines (7 x Bolt Pistol + Chain Sword, 2 x Meltagun, 1 x Sergeant with Power Fist and Bolt Pistol)                                                                                                                                        235 Points
10 x Assault Marines (7 x Bolt Pistol + Chain Sword, 2 x Meltagun, 1 x Sergeant with Power Fist and Bolt Pistol)                                                                                                                                        235 Points

3 x Sanguinary Priests (3 x Power Sword + Bolt Pistol, 3 x Jump Packs)         270 Points
5 x Sanguinary Guard (no options taken)                                                                    200 Points

Fast Attack
1 x Landspeeder (Heavy Flamer + Multi Melta)                                                        70 Points
1 x Landspeeder (Heavy Bolter + Typhoon Missile Launcher)                            90 Points
1 x Landspeeder (Heavy Bolter + Typhoon Missile Launcher)                            90 Points

Those of you who used to follow Neil Kerr’s Pink Tyranids blog when it was still online will recognise most of the elements of this list as I have shamelessly copied it!! I'm hoping this will do quite well but I'm still finding it somewhat difficult to decide when to be very aggressive and when not to be (I seem to have always picked the wrong strategy to date!!).

Getting Blood Angels Army Finished

I still need to get my last few Blood Angels painted for the above army list (specifically 3 x Sanguinary Guard and 3 x Landspeeders) and I'm hoping to get them finished in the next week or so but the Sanguinary Guard will all look a little something like this:

I'm very pleased with the way these guys have turned out and I'm really looking forwards to getting the full unit finished. I'm hoping to re-do my Honour guard using the same technique as these guys but I think I'll be rocking on down to Toy Soldier with them as is.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th Edition

Well I've got a fair sized Dwarf army sat in my house still boxed almost 2 years after I bought them and it seems like impending release of 8th Edition has generated enough interest amongst the chaps that I need to get my arse into gear and get these painted (well, built and then painted!! lol). We are going to be kicking off another League to motivate us into getting stuff painted and hopefully getting allot of games in!

Right, that's it for now - the only other thing to mention is that I really do hope to get more posts up this month so watch this space!!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

BA Sanguinary Guard

Ok, I'm now almost finished with my 1500 point Blood Angels army and I was left with the Vanguard Veterans to do. Now I've had 3 or 4 games with this Army to date and these guys just weren't doing it for me, the just seem to me to be just a shade to expensive for the impact I've been getting out of them so I've decided to drop them in favour of 5 Sanguinary Guard.

Now I've got to say these guys are damn pretty, they are about the only figure in the game that I wouldn't feel overly bad about fielding unpainted....but paint them I must!!! Here are some "before" pic's even though this is exactly what they look like now, hopefully in a day or two I'll have some "after" pics up once I've painted them.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Honour Guard and First Game

I've now finished getting the Honour Guard painted - I've gone for a pretty basic paint job with these as I decided to follow the example given in the pictures in the BA codex (page 67) so they're predominantly gold with the odd few bits of detail picked out.

I've painted the Sanguinary Novitiate as a mix of the Honour Guard colour scheme and the way I've turned out my Sanguinary Priests and he's turned out pretty nice if I do say so myself.

I had my first couple of games with this list against Bradimus Prime (of the Space Wolves Grey blog) the other day and whilst I did lose both games there were an awful lot of lessons learnt. The first game was against his all Terminator list and the second was against his standard 1500 point tournament build (see the Space Wolves Grey blog for more details) and the key points I took away are as follows:

1) Brad's terminator list is sick and wrong - my Blood Angels broke against his wedge of terminators like waves crashing against a cliff! Admittedly I did lose pretty much all my Sanguinary Priests pretty early on due to some Space Wolf trickery (all jump movement within a certain range of them was classed as difficult terrain, guess which of my guys rolled 1's when they were incoming!!!) but the main lesson here is to either stay away from them or seriously gang up on them!

2) Trust in thy armour! - cover becomes less important when you can get an armour save against most weapons that are thrown at you, that coupled with the Feel No Pain granted by the Sanguinary Priests means that these guys are one hell of allot more durable than Fire Warriors and standing in the open is not quite the death sentence it is with the Tau.

3) 18 inch threat range - this is very important with this list that I hadn't really considered until Brad pointed it out to me. I was dropping my guys in right amongst his Space Wolves which meant they pretty much took a round of fire and were then assaulted meaning that I lost the advantage of the Furious Charge granted by the Sanguinary Priests. Opting to drop them further out on their first turn of deployment and then roll in on masse seems to be the order of the day!

4) Play like you've got a pair! - this is something that I did during the games (some very, VERY risky deep strike's which pretty much all panned out thanks to Descent of Angels) but is worth remembering that losses are less important with a BA list than they are with the Tau, in fact even at the point when I'd lost about half my army I still felt in a fairly confident position which is something that I'm afraid I can't say about the Tau.

I really don't want to seem like I'm now completely anti-Tau, I will still be playing them as I really, REALLY enjoy the army it's just given that 5th edition has such a huge emphasis on the Assault phase of the game I can't really equate the Tau to being competitive as they pretty much ignore this entire aspect of the game.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

3 Sanguinary Priests Walk Into A Bar.....

More progress with my Blood Angels!!!! Shocking I know! I've now finished the 3 Sanguinary Priests I need for my 1500 point list, they've turned out pretty good all in all.

These figures are the Sanguinary Priest figures from GW but as I have equipped them with Jump Packs and Power Weapons it means that I still have the funky backpack and right arm with the reductor from all 3 so I will be able to knock together another 3 foot slogging priests by adding those bits to a normal plastic marine if need be in the future.

I used a couple of the shoulder pad add ons from the Death Company box set to "pimp" some standard Jump Packs for these guys. One of the tricky parts of this was making the white on the Jump Packs look clean but I think they've turned out pretty nicely all in all.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

1st BA Squad Done

I finally managed to get my finger out and spent the better part of the day today painting some of my Blood Angels painted. I now have my very first Assault Squad done, I've hit on a method of painting the guys that is leaving me happy that there's a fair amount of detail picked out on them whist at the same time is relatively quick for me to get done. They may be a touch heavy on the old washes for some peoples tastes but I like the way they look a touch "dirty", as if they have been in the field for some time.

All in all I'm pretty damn pleased with the way theyve turned out. Only about another 30 guys to go!!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

For the Blood of Sanguinius!

As I said in my previous post I'm changing tack until a new Tau Codex hits the scene. Blood Angels have always been my favourite Space Marine chapter and since the new Codex was announced I've been mulling with the idea of starting a Blood Angels army and I've now taken the plunge. After reading through most of the codex and looking at what others in the blog-o-sphere have been thinking in regards to army lists I've settled on the Descent of Angels 3 list that Neil Kerr posted on his blog, Pink Tyranids. This list appeals to me in that it's in keeping with the Blood Angels fluff and that it gives me a 1500 point army for a relatively small outlay. The list is as follows:


Librarian: Jump Pack, The Blood Lance, The Sanguine Sword - 125

5 Honour Guard: Jump Packs, 3 Melta Guns - 195

3 Sanguinary Priests: Jump Packs, Power Weapons - 270

x3 units of 10 Assault Marines: 2 Melta Guns, Power Fist - 235

6 Vanguard Veterans: Jump Packs, Power Fist - 205

Army Total = 1500

Now my current financial situation isn't fantastic as I'm between jobs right now so I've funded this new army by selling a load of old stuff on eBay. All of you out there should note, there is no accounting for the ammount someone else will pay for something which you consider to be tat!!! The end result is I made more than enough pennies to buy everything I needed for this list so a quick trip down to Maelstrom Games later and I now have a lot of gluing and painting ahead of me.....again.

On the advice of my friend Bradimus Prime (of the Space Wolves Grey blog) I've bought a few of the Death Company boxe sets to mix and match with the regular Assault Marines and othersto give a suitably Blood Angels feel to the whole army. I'll put some pictures up of how these are starting to take shape in the next day or so but I have fnished the Librarian and he turned out a little something like this:

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Well crap!

So last weekend was the Mayhem tournament down in Warhammer World and as you can tell from the post title I finished in a less than great position....2nd from last in fact. When you consider that there were 55 players taking part at this tournament it strikes home just how poorly I did.

I've walked away from the weekend still feeling that I had a good time - I did really enjoy myself and all of the guys who took part were really great to play against and there wasn't so much of an ultra competitive feel to the proceedings as just everyone being there to have a good time but finishing a hairs breadth from the very bottom of the rankings has brought it home to me that the Tau just aren't a competitive army in any real sense.

The first day went pretty well and after losing my first game I managed to pull a draw and a win out of the second and third games respectively. This left me sitting at mid table, I was pretty optimistic heading into the last day that I'd be able to maintain that of the day proved me somewhat wrong on that score however.

The first game was for kill points but rather than the usual 1 point per unit you gained a variable amount based upon the points cost of the unit which you killed - I managed to pull a draw out of the game mostly by the fact that I killed my opponents HQ which netted me 5 VP's. The other two games were objective based and the second one I got annihilated with my opponent capturing every objective but it was the third game which really brought the point home that the Tau aren't going to be viable until they get a new codex....I got out shot by an Ork army! He managed to seize the initiative for our battle and I lost my pathfinders and all my Deathtrain Crisis Suits in his turn due to a phenomenal weight of fire coming my way and the game pretty much carried on in the same vein, it says something that by the end my opponent was getting quite embarrassed by the situation!

The main conclusion that I have gotten from this is that if Tau go last they lose - it's that simple. If you go first you stand a fair chance, but only a fair chance, of being able to win. Acting first means you can usually bring a large amount of fire to bear on your opponent and use your manoeuvrability to keep at range, going second means typically that your opponent has already closed most of the distance to you before you've even had chance to fire a single shot and you have much less room to get out of the way.

I still enjoy the Tau and I will still be looking to build my Cadre up for friendly games but I think I'm definitely going to be going towards a different army for future tournament play. I've always had a soft spot for Blood Angels out of all the varied Marine chapters and I've got the new codex coming in the next week or so, seems like I'm destined for that scarlet bandwagon!

Friday, 9 April 2010

1500 Point Tau Cadre - FINISHED!!!!!!

Well I've finally finished my 1500 point cadre, as I'm travelling down to Warhammer World for the Mayhem Tournament this weekend it's just in the nick of time to!!!!

Alot of the models are far from being "finished" but I've gotten them upto a standard that I'm happy to run with at a tounament so I'm pretty happy all in all. After this weekend is over I need to have an assesment about how happy I am with this list and then look to take it up to 1750 points for the next tournament I'll be taking part in, my current thinking is to add 2 Piranhas and to take add another Broadside but we'll see.

The Cadre consists of the following:

1500 Point Tau Cadre

HQ – 127 pts
Crisis Suit Commander (Shas’el) with Targeting Array, Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, HW MultiTracker, HW Drone Controller.
2 x Shield Drones.

Elite – 141 pts
3 x Crisis Battlesuit with Twin Linked Missile Pods, Flamers.

Elite – 201 pts
3 x Crisis Battlesuit with Targeting Array, Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle

Troop – 155 pts
6 x Fire Warriors with Pulse Rifles
1 x Devilfish with Gun Drones, Multi Tracker, Disruption Pod

Troop – 155 pts
6 x Fire Warriors with Pulse Rifles
1 x Devilfish with Gun Drones, Multi Tracker, Disruption Pod

Troop – 155 pts
6 x Fire Warriors with Pulse Rifles
1 x Devilfish with Gun Drones, Multi Tracker, Disruption Pod

Troops – 60 pts
6 x Fire Warriors with Pulse Rifles

Heavy – 165 pts
Hammerhead Gunship with Rail Gun, Burst Cannons, Disruption Pod, Multi Tracker

Heavy – 198 pts
Broadside Battlesuit Team Leader with Smart Missile System, HW Blacksun Filter, HW Drone Controller, Advanced Stabilisation System
Broadside Battlesuit with Smart Missile System, Advanced Stabilisation System
2 x Shield Drones

Fast – 143 pts
4 x Pathfinders with Pulse Carbines
Devilfish with Marker Beacon, Disruption Pod, Multi Tracker

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Mayhem Progress Update 01

Ok then, yesterday I managed to get 1 of the 2 Devilfish I need to get painted for Mayhem done and I made a start on the 6 gun Drones as well as prepping the Crisis Suits, Broadside Suits and Fire Warriors (finished assembly where needed, got basing material on and undercoated the lot). Picture below is the current lot that I need to get done....well, 12 of the Fire Warriors are optional but I'd like them done for the Tournament if possible.

I'll be sticking another post on later today/tomorrow morning giving a progress update. Right, time to get cracking!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Holy Crap! Where Did All The Time Go?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Ok, I'm now sat here with a fair ammount of stuff to get painted before the Mayhem tournament.....which is the 10th and 11th of April.....which is just over a week away.....and I'm on a training course this week and away in Wales all through the Bank Holiday weekend!!!! Eeeep!!!!!!!!

What I need to get painted is as follows:

6 x Fire Warriors
2 x Devil Fish
6 x Gun Drones
2 x Broadsides
3 x Crisis Suits

Now to be honest that shouldn't pose too much of an issue as I've now finished with my last employer and had allready decided I was going to take a bit of a break before hitting the streets properly job hunting (it was a voluntary redundancy and the payout was.....significant). But that said I have had time off in the past where I wanted to spend getting all of my dudes painted up and still didn't manage it so we'll have to see.

I'd also like to get an additional 12 Fire Warriors painted as 12 of the ones I've done at the moment are dipped and I've kindof moved away from that for the rest of my army at the mo. Would be nice to show up with a completely uniformly painted Cadre.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Tau vs IG - TAU WIN!!!!!

Yes thats right, last night we had the lastest round in our little league and I managed to pull a fairly comprehensive win off against Rick (Von Muller). The evening was only slightly mared by the fact that I decided to drop about a third of my army on the floor (at night flying stands are quite hard to see and the sound of them cracking underfoot is like shattering glass!) and the fact that I had opted not to do a battle report for once...go figure, sod's law working at it's finest!

The battle was Capture and Control with a Spearhead setup. I maintained the first turn despite Rick trying to seize the initiative and the first couple of turns mostly consisted of bits of Vendetta Gunships falling from the sky for the loss of a couple of shield drones (Rick had tried to gamble on getting the first turn and scout moved them accross on my flank - this was an extremely costly gamble). The battle consisted of pretty much just a running gun battle which is the type of fight the Tau just love and despite things looking a bit more promising for Rick in the middle of the battle Rick decided to concede at the end of my turn 5 as he had no way to capture or contest either of the objectives at that stage.

All in all it was a very good game and it did seem like the dice were firmly on my side for this one. Although I'm still last in our league I can now almost smell 3rd place. As I haven't been able to do a full battle report for this I thought this might make up for things slightly:

The fires from the ruined human tanks and transports lit the evening sky with a dull glow, several Fire Warriors moved amongst the wreckage looking for survivors. Whilst it was doubtful any of them would accept the Greater Good it was still necessary to offer the humans the chance for enlightenment.

Shas'El Yu’kka had dismounted from his crisis suit, today had been a good day for the Greater Good and he wished to remember every sight and smell of the battle field that his Cadre had decimated the human forces on personally, rather than through the dull measurements of his suits sensors.

He cast his eye across his Cadre, the losses incurred in the engagement had been light, amazingly so considering the last few engagements they had been part of but it seemed that now the tide of this campaign may be changing.

As he surveyed the battle field the wind shifted, and Yu’kka caught, just for a moment, the sound of a savage drum beat in the distance. A grim smile crossed his lips, the humans had fallen easily so how hard could scattering a few greenskins be……

As you may be able to guess from that my next league game is going to be against Neil's Ork's. Should be.....interesting!!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Looking to the Next Month

The next game in our friendly league will be next Thursday, I'm pretty much going to be running the same list as I did last time with a couple of minor tweeks - mainly this will involve dropping the Stealsuits for Pathfinders and then seeing how things stand with points. My aim to get cracked on with painting has failed abysmally up to press, although I have managed to get the other 3 Crisis Suits magnetised and some basing material on in preparation for undercoating.

The League Game will be one of the last times I get to test drive my list before the Mayhem tournament in mid April so I pretty much need to be happy with what I'm running so I know what I've gotta get painted by then. That said I'm not overly concerned about getting stuff painted in time as I finish with my current employer at the end of this month and have decided to take a few weeks to myself before jumping at something else (the joys of a nice fat redundancy package!).

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Magnetizing: Crisis Suit Commander

Now I magnetize all of my crisis suits using 3x1 mm round rare earth magnets as standard, this means that I can switch my lists between different suit configs without having to buy lots of suits that are equipped differently.

My thoughts recently turned to the Crisis Suit Commander box, now this box contains everything that the standard Crisis Suit box does with the addition of a few bits of lead wargear and 2 lead Commander heads. I realised that if I magnetised these heads and the head sockets of the suits that I could run my suits as either a Commander or as a normal Crisis Suit. The below is a quick breakdown of how I went about this, hope you find it useful.

I firstly assembled the main body of the Crisis Suit, including the arms, and allowed the polystyrene cement to set. Now, I've seen some guides that recommend drilling out the holes for the magnets before assembling the suit but I find it easier to do it this way.

Next step was to drill out the holes for the magnets. You will need to drill into the base of the neck on the head and into the socket where the head will sit on the Suit, this is important to try and avoid the suit looking like it has an elongated neck when compared to suits whose head is just glued straight into the socket. I use a fairly low power hand drill to do this and a 4mm drill bit it's important to stress that you need to be very careful at this point as mistakes can be....painful!

One of the trickiest parts of the process is gluing the magnets in place, as they will be attracted to anything metal most normal modelling tools, such as files, are out of the question so I just use a biro lid to hold the magnet in place until the super glue starts to take. The other issue is making sure the magnets are aligned correctly as it is very easy to glue all the magnets in place only to find they repel each other rather than attract each other! I usually colour the same side of my magnets in with a purple felt tip, it's very easy to see that they are aligned correctly as I ensure that the magnets on the suits are purple side facing out and the magnets on the wargear/heads are purple side facing inwards.

It is also bearing in mind that you need to leave enough time for the glue to dry before trying to see if the magnets are correctly glued in otherwise you may end up with the magnets flying out of the head and adhering to the still wet superglue in the socket! Once the glue has dried, and all being well, you should now have a suit which you can swap between being a commander or a normal crisis suit.

As the Crisis Suit Commander comes with 2 Commander Heads this means that you are able to get 2 Commanders out of 1 Commander and 1 Standard Crisis Suit box which saves a few pennies over buying 2 Commander box set's as they are about half again as much as the standard one.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

League Battle Report: Space Wolves V’s Tau (Again!!)

Life seems to be throwing constant barriers in my way to get these done in a prompt fashion but I’ve finally managed to get this done.
As described in my previous post I found myself facing off against Brad's Space Wolves again for the first 1500 point league game. The forces assembled were as follows:

1500 Point Space Wolf List

Space Wolves: Task Force Jorgmundr

Ulf the Horrible, Rune Priest

5 Wolf Guard:
3 Combi Melta and Powerfist
(Each of these is attached to a Grey Hunter unit)
1 Frost Weapon (attached to scouts)
1 in Terminator Armour with Cyclone Missile Launcher (attached to long fangs)

Wolf Scouts Pack
5 x Wolf Scouts

Grey Hunters Pack:
9 Grey Hunters, Powerfist, Meltagun, Wolf Standard and Mark of Wulfen
Rhino APC transport

Grey Hunters Pack:
9 Grey Hunters, Powerfist, Meltagun, Wolf Standard and Mark of Wulfen
Rhino APC transport

Grey Hunters Pack:
8 Grey Hunters, Meltagun, Wolf Standard and Mark of Wulfen
Rhino APC transport

Long Fangs Pack:
1 sergeant, 5 Long Fangs with Missile Launchers

Land Speeder Squadron:
1 Landspeeder Heavy Bolter and Typhoon Missile Launcher

Land Speeder Squadron:
1 Landspeeder Heavy Bolter and Typhoon Missile Launcher

Twin Linked Lascannon and Las Cannon Sponsons

1500 Point Tau List

Crisis Suit Commander in Fireknife config with 2 x Shield Drones

6 x Fire Warriors in Devilfish with Multitracker, Disruption Pods and Gun Drones.
6 x Fire Warriors in Devilfish with Multitracker, Disruption Pods and Gun Drones.
6 x Fire Warriors in Devilfish with Multitracker, Disruption Pods and Gun Drones.

3 x Crisis Suits in Fireknife Config
3 x Crisis Suits in Deathtrain Config
3 x Stealthsuits, Team Leader with Markerlight, Drone Controller and 2 x Marker Drones

2 x Broadside Suits with ASS, 2 x Shield Drones
1 x Hammerhead with Railgun, Multitracker, and Disruption Pods


We were playing Annihilation with Spearhead deployment. We rolled off and Brad got the choice of first turn.

Brad deployed his Long Fangs in a tower towards the far corner of his deployment to give them a commanding view of the battle field; his Rhinos were positioned as close to the centre of the table and his Predator was along his table edge close to his left flank. He announced he was holding 2 Landspeeders and his Wolf Scouts in reserve

I opted for a very similar deployment; my Broadsides were positioned in a crater towards the far corner of my deployment with the Commander attached to the Fireknife suits in cover towards the centre of the table with the Deathtrain suits hugging the edge of the cover at the opposite side to the commanders team. My Hammerhead was deployed on my table edge towards my left flank. I infiltrated the Steathsuits into the building that all of the crisis suits were using for cover to get an elevated position (the other units could not as it was too close to the centre point of the table for normal deployment).

Turn 1

After yet again failing to seize the initiative it was down to Brad to take the first turn. 2 of his Rhinos rumbled forwards and popped smoke to cover Ulf’s Rhino at the Rear whilst the Predator moved into the cover now vacated by the Rhinos.

Ulf summoned the Jaws of the World Wolf which proceeded to see my Cadre ‘s commander disappear along with his shield drones into a chasm that promptly sealed itself back up….not a great start for me!
The long fangs unleashed a hail of missiles against the Hammerhead and although most of the shots were avoided thanks to the Disruption pods 1 did glance the engine nacelle immobilising the tank.

My turn kicked off with no small amount of panic, I’d already lost 1 kill point in the form of my commander and the Hammerhead was now a sitting duck if the Wolves manage to close with it.
I started by walking the Fireknife suits to the edge of the cover to allow them to maximise their fire and I jumped the Deathtrain suits into the open.

I started the firing by laying down some Marker lights on one of the smoke covered Rhino’s scoring 3 hits, the Deathtrain suits make use of the Marker support and are able to wreck the Rhino. The Hammerhead unloads a submuition round into the Spacewolves staggering out of the wreck managing to eliminate 1.

The Broadsides launched several Railgun rounds at the second Rhino that had popped smoke immobilising it, unfortunately the Fireknife suits were still badly shaken from the loss of their commander and were unable to capitalise on this and finish it off.

The Stealthsuits, Fireknifes and Deathtrains then attempted to put a little distance between themselves and the rapidly approaching marines by jumping away (even though I had 5 to roll a total of 8 dangerous terrain checks for the jump I passed the lot!!! Practically unheard of!)

Kill Points: Space Wolves 1, Tau 1

Turn 2

Moving into turn 2 things were running at an even keel, although a commander for a Rhino is a pretty unbalanced exchange it did at least mean I had a kill point and the Greyhunters that had staggered out last turn were pinned currently so I wouldn’t have to worry about them so much for a turn.
Brad rolled for his reserves and managed to bring on the lot, so 2 Landspeeders screamed in on his left flank and the scouts snuck onto the battlefield within spitting distance of my Broadsides!

Ulfs rhino advanced to the cover of the ruin in which my suits were hiding in and the predator rumbled out to get a line on the Hammerhead.

Although the Predator was able to lay down a ferocious barrage of fire against the Hammerhead the AI controlling the Disruption pods was able to turn all of the Predators fire away….it did however mean it didn’t notice the missile barrage coming in from the Long Fangs which managed to finish the job they started last turn and turned the Hammerhead into decorative scenery.

Both of the Landspeeders unleashed a ferocious torrent of fire against the Fireknife suits but they managed to avoid injury thanks to hiding behind a wall!
With a howl that chilled the blood of the assembled Tau the Scouts bounded into the cover the Broadsides were in and launched a ferocious assault. The Shield Drones flew across into the horde and were torn apart without even managing to make the Scouts break their stride. The scouts then hit the remaining Broadsides like a hurricane, killing 1 before he could even take a swing at his attackers and injuring the other, the surviving Broadside suit tried in vain to fight his way clear but was run down by the howling pack before he’d gone more than a few steps!

Back round to my turn again and things were looking a bit grim. I rolled for reserves and got 1 of the Fire Warrior squads coming on. I brought their devilfish in on my left flank to try and lay down some fire on the Grey Hunters which failed to shift any more of the pack.

The Stealthsuits drop 2 Markerlights onto Ulf’s Rhino and manage to destroy the Storm bolter on it. The Fireknifes open up on the other Rhino and manage to result in the crew being shaken.

The Deathtrains swoop in against the Scouts hoping to avenge their fallen comrades and unleash several waves of prometheuim and although they managed to engulf the entire unit in flames the entire pack emerged slightly singed but otherwise fine!

The Stealthsuits moved back into cover losing 1 of their number to a misjudged landing and were joined by the Fireknifes, the deathtrains moved to put a bit of distance between themselves and the Scouts.

Kill Points: Space Wolves 3, Tau 1

Turn 3

Muttering litanies to the Omnissiah taught to them by the adepts of Mars the crew of the immobilised Rhino struggled and finally managed to fire the engines back into life to the howls of appreciation from the Grey Hunter pack riding in the rear!
The Predator opened up on the Devilfish, the fire was mostly ineffective due to the disruption pods but the crew were shaken. The Grey hunter pack, having now recovered from being pinned against the wreck of the Rhino sprinted through the cover to get close enough to the Devilfish to negate the benefit of the disruption pods, combined fire from their Combimelta and Meltagun manage to Stun the crew but the Devilfish remained intact…mostly.

Ulf’s Rhino roared around the side of the cover and with a howl to the Allfather he led the pack of Grey Hunters out to finally get to grips with the enemy! Again calling on the Jaws of the World Wolf he managed to eliminate 2 of the Deathtrain suits, the lone survivor then faced the full fury of the Grey Hunters and disappeared under a storm of Bolter Rounds!

The Landspeeders opened up on the Fireknife suits, their combined fire managing to kill one.

The Longfangs opened up on the Devilfish but their missiles bounced off the hull.

So again I was left smarting from the mauling I’d taken during my turn, I managed to get another Devilfish onto the table and moved it into support the first one. The Fire Warriors in the stunned Devilfish charged out and put some fire into the Grey Hunters managing to kill one.

The Stealthsuits and Fireknife’s move up to get some shots at the now mobile Rhino but only manage to shake the crew.

The Fireknifes attempt to jump back into cover but due to a disastrous roll on my part (snake eyes baby!) ended up with one dead and the last suit pilot injured.

Kill Points: Space Wolves 4, Tau 1

Turn 4

Continuing with the aggressive push on my position the Landspeeders swept forwards attempting to eliminate one of my Devilfish but their fire was less than effective. The Scouts burst out of cover heading for my last Fireknife, several bolter shells hit their target but the Crisis Suit managed to maintain integrity.

The Predator swung around and opened up on the other Devilfish, most of the hits glanced off but one penetrated the hull and set off a chain reaction within the fuel store! Four of the Fire Warriors inside managed to scramble clear before their transport tore itself apart.

Ulf and his Greyhunter pack had now closed with the Stealthuits rendering their Stealth Fields useless, the ensuing fire saw another suit fall.

The Longfangs split their fire sending 2 missiles at the still smouldering squad of Fire Warriors killing one of them and another 5 into the other Devilfish wrecking it.
With a howl the assembled mass of Space Wolves surged forwards eager to finish things. The scouts leapt into cover and hacked the Fireknife down and Ulf lead the charge into the Stealth Suit and Marker Drones. With a sickening crack heard across the battle field the pilot of the Stealthsuits skull was smashed to cinders courtesy of one of the Grey Hunters Powerfist.

The remaining Grey Hunter pack swept forwards into one of the remaining Fire Warrior Squads and the Gun Drones that had managed to survive the Deveilfish being wrecked. The fight was short and brutal, as one expects with the Sons of Russ! First the Gun Drones were smashed apart and then they turned their attentions onto the Fire Warriors, cutting all bar one of them down before they even managed to raise a hand in self defence. The last Fire Warrior attempted to make a break for freedom but the wolves ran him down!

At this stage I had 1 under strength unit of Fire Warriors left on the table and the last Fire Warrior unit and their Devil Fish sat in reserve…..I felt this would probably not be a strong enough force to grab the 10 kill points I would need for a draw so I opted to concede the game at this point!

Final Kill Points: Space Wolves 10, Tau 1


Well as per usual I had fun but still got a thorough kicking. Looking back I made 2 key mistakes that cost me badly:

1) Holding the Devilfish in reserve – not too sure what I was thinking here, in Kill Point games it really is key when playing Tau that you bring as much fire down as possible to thin your enemy out before they close with you, holding the Devil Fish in reserve meant I was short 18 Pulse Rifles, 3 Burst Cannons and 6 Twin Linked Plasma Carbines at the beginning of the game.

2) Getting pinned in my deployment zone – essentially I should have started moving everything out of my deployment zone as soon as the game started to keep Brads forces at distance, as things went I stood there like a pudding and let him roll me up.

Now I don’t want to take anything away from my opponent as Brad is a very good player and he knows his Space Wolves inside and out but he would have probably had a bit of a rougher time if I hadn’t made those mistakes….this was proven by the game we had last night that ended much closer (although I still lost it was a much more satisfying loss!) – the battle report for that should be appearing on Space Wolves Grey at some point in the next week so keep an eye on it for a slightly more pleasing result!