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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

For the Blood of Sanguinius!

As I said in my previous post I'm changing tack until a new Tau Codex hits the scene. Blood Angels have always been my favourite Space Marine chapter and since the new Codex was announced I've been mulling with the idea of starting a Blood Angels army and I've now taken the plunge. After reading through most of the codex and looking at what others in the blog-o-sphere have been thinking in regards to army lists I've settled on the Descent of Angels 3 list that Neil Kerr posted on his blog, Pink Tyranids. This list appeals to me in that it's in keeping with the Blood Angels fluff and that it gives me a 1500 point army for a relatively small outlay. The list is as follows:


Librarian: Jump Pack, The Blood Lance, The Sanguine Sword - 125

5 Honour Guard: Jump Packs, 3 Melta Guns - 195

3 Sanguinary Priests: Jump Packs, Power Weapons - 270

x3 units of 10 Assault Marines: 2 Melta Guns, Power Fist - 235

6 Vanguard Veterans: Jump Packs, Power Fist - 205

Army Total = 1500

Now my current financial situation isn't fantastic as I'm between jobs right now so I've funded this new army by selling a load of old stuff on eBay. All of you out there should note, there is no accounting for the ammount someone else will pay for something which you consider to be tat!!! The end result is I made more than enough pennies to buy everything I needed for this list so a quick trip down to Maelstrom Games later and I now have a lot of gluing and painting ahead of me.....again.

On the advice of my friend Bradimus Prime (of the Space Wolves Grey blog) I've bought a few of the Death Company boxe sets to mix and match with the regular Assault Marines and othersto give a suitably Blood Angels feel to the whole army. I'll put some pictures up of how these are starting to take shape in the next day or so but I have fnished the Librarian and he turned out a little something like this:


  1. :( You're going to be waiting a while, mate. Tau Codex aint out for a long time. Sad to see a new Tau player go...

    But Blood Angels are loads of fun too!

  2. That's a nice look librarian Captain. I'm with Old Shatter Hands on the Tau codex. Don't give them up entirely as they are still fun and challenging to play.

    I play marines and Tau and it's nice to change between them as you get a very different game feel and it's good for your game to gain and lose different advantages for each army. My target priority goes way up when playing marines with my tau and my bravery and decisiveness goes up when going from marines to Tau. It's fun to play that way.

  3. Thanks as always for the comments guys.

    I know a new Codex is going to be a long way off but I really am in the position now where I'm not enjoying playing the Tau in a competitive environment - I'll still be wheeling the Cadre out when I'm playing friendly games but I'm wanting to make a go at the tournament scene and I'm afraid the Tau just don't cut the mustard in that arena.