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Monday, 16 August 2010

A Hard Weekends Work at the Forge

Over the last weekend I managed to get a bit of time to sit down and make some headway on my Dwarf army. I managed to get the following assembled:

1 x Cannon
1 x Grudge Thrower
16 x Quarellers
16 x Thunderers
16 x Dwarf Warriors
1 x Master Engineer
1 x Rune Master

I'd already assembled 20 x Ironbreakers so this now means I've got a 1500 Point list assembled and I can actually play! With that in mind I've booked in 2 games on Wednesday, in the morning I'll be playing Ricks High Elf's and in the evening I'll be facing off against Brads Empire army - should be a good intro into the world of 8th Edition. 

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Toy Soldier Update

It's been 2 weeks since me, Brad and Neil made the trip across to Preston for Toy Soldier and basically I did not do well!

To cut a long story short I finished 38th out of 40 players - not where I'd hoped to place but the way the scoring was handled in this tournament meant that as soon as you'd lost a couple of games you were potentially 64 points adrift of the top players (as the top you could score on a match was 32 points). I only managed to win the 4th game out of the 5 but in that game everything fell into place and the army worked like a dream, the others were a pretty mixed bag but I did make quite a few mistakes. 

My biggest problem seems to be that I have a tendency to hang back when I should be getting in my opponents face and end up getting shot up or I try to be very aggressive when I should really be hanging back a bit and bringing my firepower to bear.

I've taken this poor performance as a learning experience, I fought 'nids for the first time and even though I got beat on I learned allot from the game. I'm still pretty new to playing the Blood Angels and I'm hoping that this is the main reason why I didn't do so well, we will be playing at another tournament down in Oxford in September and my current leaning is to stick with this list and use the games I'll have there as more "testing" (as I don't think I'm going to have chance for many games in the interim) and then decide whether I want to make any changes.

Thats all for now, as per usual comments welcome.