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Friday, 10 December 2010

Upcoming Tournament

So, come February I'll be heading to the Vapnartak 40k tournament and it's time to finalise what I'm aiming for list wise.....and even army wise!

I'm currently torn, I have 3 options in regards to Army with various pros and cons to each choice - one of y main considerations is that I really don't want to be buying anything else as I already have a massive amount of unpainted figures kicking about. The tournament is a one day affair and you play four 1000 point matches throughout the day. I attended last year and found it was one of the more fun and relaxed tournaments that I've participated in. My choices boil down as follows:

Pro: I have LOTS of eldar figures so I can pretty much field any build I can come up with.
Con: I have LOTS of UNPAINTED eldar figures, if I decided to run with the Space Elves then I'll have a pretty sizeable task ahead of me getting the army up to scratch.
Con: Dated codex

Pro: Took these guys last year so I could just run with the same list as then.
Pro: I have a fair amount of extra Tau figures, some painted some not, so if I decided to make changes to last years list I'd not have any cash outlay to worry about and minimal time to get extra stuff painted.
Con: I've never done very well with the Tau at Tournaments in the past so it may be shooting myself in the foot even considering taking them.
Con: Kroot.......they're fugly! I've always loved the look of the majority of the Tau models but the Kroot figures just don't appeal to me so I'm adamant that I wont field them, the trouble with that outlook is that they seem to feature in pretty much every "competitive" tau list out there so I may be loosing out by not taking them.
Con: Dated codex

Blood Angels
Pro: I have a 1750 point list all painted and assembled so no work would be required with these as long as I choose my list accordingly.
Pro: This is a recent codex and as such is geared up to take advantage of the current rules edition.
Con: The 1750 list I have is pretty much all jump infantry with a few Land Speeders, whether this would compress down to a reasonable 1000 point list is doubtful.
Con: I have very few figures asides from the 1750 point "Descent of Angels" list and changes such as Razorback spam would involve a significant cash outlay.

So there you have it, any suggestions to prod me along the path to a decision would be, as always, appreciated!