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Friday, 25 March 2011

And Now Time for Something Completely Similar!

Soooooo, I've been neglecting my blogging duties as of late - all I can say in way of an explanation is that my life has taken a fairly significant shift in the last few days and as a result I should have allot more time for gaming related activities in general, blogging included!


I came, I saw, I didn't quite get as bad a kicking as I have in previous tournaments!! Progress!!!!! All in all I came 31st out of 43 players and whilst I didn't finish particularly highly I did much, much better than I ever have done in the past so it's a definite result on my part. The next two tournaments I'll be attending will be Open War 15 in a few weeks and then BOTCH in July and I'm hoping to see a similar increase in my placings as I further refine my list and get to know those armies I don't normally face off against that little bit better.


Yup, I finally caved and picked up the Mk2 rules and a small Khador force. I've yet to even glue any of these guys together but as I get cracked on with them expect to see a few posts about my progress.

Thats about it for now.....

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Vapnartak, Decision Made

Ok, so I've mulled it over for a long, long time and I've decided I'll be rocking Vapnartak with The Sanguinor heading up my Blood Angels. Now whilst he is an awful lot of points to include within a 1k list he is allot of points for a reason, and at last years tournament there were a high proportion of the players there running with Daemon Princes and the like and they all seemed to do fairly well.

The list I'm planning on running is as follows:

1 x The Sanguinor, Exemplar of the Host 275 pts
1 x Sanguinary Priest (with Power Sword and Jump Pack) 90 pts
1 x 10 man Assault Squad (Jump Packs, 2 x Meltaguns, 1 x Sargeant with Power Fist) 235 pts
1 x 10 man Assault Squad (Jump Packs, 2 x Meltaguns, 1 x Sargeant with Power Fist) 235 pts
1 x 6 man Assault Squad (Jump Packs, 1 x Meltaguns, 1 x Sargeant with Power Fist) 153 pts
Total Points - 988

So yes, its a very small aggressive list and I will be aiming to get stuck into my opponents as soon as possible in the game and trying to table my opponents - a fairly simple strategy which I'm hoping will serve me well. Fielding this list also gives me the incentive to get the Sanguinor painted up!

Thoughts, suggestions, comments appreciated as always peeps!