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Friday, 23 July 2010

Toy Soldier and BA Done!!!

Tomorrow morning me, Bradimus Prime (of the Space Wolves Grey Blog) and Neil will be heading to the Toy Soldier tournament in Preston. The tournament will be 1750 points and will be 5 games fought over 2 days. Hopefully my performance will end up placing me slightly higher on the table than 2nd or 3rd to last (which would be a nice change!) but as I've yet to win a 1 on 1 game with my BA I'm just going to have to see.

As per usual I've left things until the 11th hour and have only just got my army finished tonight (although that said both Brad and Neil are in the same position!) but I am pretty damn pleased that I've got the army finished.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Time for a Change.....

Well, I think it's time for this blog to have a bit of an overhaul as I'm a tad tired of the current look so coming soon will be Library of Borkan v2.0!!! Therefore take this as a heads up and don't be surprised if you check things and it looks a right mess as I will be playing with a few different things until I get it the way I want it.

This blog started as a way to track the progress of me getting my Tau and Eldar armies painted and ready for war but along the way it's changed into more of a general tracker for my GW "habit" (honestly, I can quit whenever I want!!!) and I think looking to the future there may be a few more things creeping in such as RPG stuff and it'll probably become a blog tracking my various nerdy hobbies.

As I'm making these changes any feedback from you guys would, as ever, be appreciated!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Dwarfs Inbound!

As I stated in my last post now that 8th Edition WFB has landed I'm looking at  getting my Dwarf on. I managed to get my grubby little mits on a copy of the new Rulebook on Saturday and I've gotta say I'm really liking what I'm seeing so far - I've never really played any of the previous versions of fantasy so I'm coming at this essentially as a new player but it looks like it's going to be allot of fun.

Back when the 25th Anniversary sets were out for WFB a couple of years back I picked up the Dwarf army deal and it's pretty much just sat in a cupboard ever since - upside of this is that I don't have to outlay allot of cash to get started on Fantasy.

Myself, Brad, Neil and Rick will be doing a similar thing to when we were doing the 40k league to encourage us to get our army's assembled and painted. We are starting off with a target of 1500 points and will be working up from there. My first stab at a list is as follows (bear in mind that this is from a "n00b" perspective):

1500 Point Dwarf Army  
Dwarf Lord - Oathstone, Shield, Rune of Striking, Rune of Might, Master Rune of Smiting. 283 points
20 x Iron Breakers - Musician, Standard Bearer, 3 x Runes of Sanctuary. 323 points
20 x Dwarf Warriors - Shields, Great Weapons, Musician, Standard Bearer. 235 points
12 x Dwarf Warriors - Shields, Musician, Standard Bearer. 123 points
19 x Thunderers - Musician, Standard Bearer. 271 points
Grudge Thrower - Rune of Accuracy, Rune of Penetrating, Rune of Reloading. 140 points
Master Engineer - Great Weapon, Master Rune of Spite. 119 points

All in all that comes to 1494 points, I am totally expecting something (or should I say several somethings) in that list to be done wrong as it's my first stab at it and I will probably change it as I get more comfortable with the rules but it gives me a starting point to get things glued and painted. Ideas, suggestions and criticisms are, as always, appreciated guys.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

League Update and Getting My Arse Into Gear

So many projects, soooo little time! This last month has been a touch crazy and I've found myself falling behind with several of my projects but July will be a productive month......maybe!

League Completion!

That’s right folks we have finally managed to finish our little league and as you can see on the table at the top of this blog I finished dead last. The last game I had was against Neil’s Ork's with my Tau, the game was pretty damn close to be fair but as per usual the game went all the way to turn 7 and I just didn't have enough stuff left by this point to pull a draw out of the bag (although at the end of turn 5 or 6 I would have managed the draw). Congrats to Brad who's Space Wolves managed an unparalleled dominance over the league.

Toy Soldier

I, along with Brad and Neil, will be attending the 40k tournament at the Toy Soldier convention at the end of July. This tournament will see 5 games played over 2 days and it's allegedly rather a fun weekend. I'll be running a 1745 point Blood Angels army which is made up as follows:

Librarian (Powers: Blood Lance, Sanguine Sword, Jump Pack                            125 Points
5 x Honour Guard with Jump Packs (1 x Sanguinary Novitiate, 1 x Bolt Pistol + Chain Sword, 3 x Meltagun)                                                                                                                                195 Points

10 x Assault Marines (7 x Bolt Pistol + Chain Sword, 2 x Meltagun, 1 x Sergeant with Power Fist and Bolt Pistol)                                                                                                                                        235 Points
10 x Assault Marines (7 x Bolt Pistol + Chain Sword, 2 x Meltagun, 1 x Sergeant with Power Fist and Bolt Pistol)                                                                                                                                        235 Points
10 x Assault Marines (7 x Bolt Pistol + Chain Sword, 2 x Meltagun, 1 x Sergeant with Power Fist and Bolt Pistol)                                                                                                                                        235 Points

3 x Sanguinary Priests (3 x Power Sword + Bolt Pistol, 3 x Jump Packs)         270 Points
5 x Sanguinary Guard (no options taken)                                                                    200 Points

Fast Attack
1 x Landspeeder (Heavy Flamer + Multi Melta)                                                        70 Points
1 x Landspeeder (Heavy Bolter + Typhoon Missile Launcher)                            90 Points
1 x Landspeeder (Heavy Bolter + Typhoon Missile Launcher)                            90 Points

Those of you who used to follow Neil Kerr’s Pink Tyranids blog when it was still online will recognise most of the elements of this list as I have shamelessly copied it!! I'm hoping this will do quite well but I'm still finding it somewhat difficult to decide when to be very aggressive and when not to be (I seem to have always picked the wrong strategy to date!!).

Getting Blood Angels Army Finished

I still need to get my last few Blood Angels painted for the above army list (specifically 3 x Sanguinary Guard and 3 x Landspeeders) and I'm hoping to get them finished in the next week or so but the Sanguinary Guard will all look a little something like this:

I'm very pleased with the way these guys have turned out and I'm really looking forwards to getting the full unit finished. I'm hoping to re-do my Honour guard using the same technique as these guys but I think I'll be rocking on down to Toy Soldier with them as is.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th Edition

Well I've got a fair sized Dwarf army sat in my house still boxed almost 2 years after I bought them and it seems like impending release of 8th Edition has generated enough interest amongst the chaps that I need to get my arse into gear and get these painted (well, built and then painted!! lol). We are going to be kicking off another League to motivate us into getting stuff painted and hopefully getting allot of games in!

Right, that's it for now - the only other thing to mention is that I really do hope to get more posts up this month so watch this space!!