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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Dwarfs Inbound!

As I stated in my last post now that 8th Edition WFB has landed I'm looking at  getting my Dwarf on. I managed to get my grubby little mits on a copy of the new Rulebook on Saturday and I've gotta say I'm really liking what I'm seeing so far - I've never really played any of the previous versions of fantasy so I'm coming at this essentially as a new player but it looks like it's going to be allot of fun.

Back when the 25th Anniversary sets were out for WFB a couple of years back I picked up the Dwarf army deal and it's pretty much just sat in a cupboard ever since - upside of this is that I don't have to outlay allot of cash to get started on Fantasy.

Myself, Brad, Neil and Rick will be doing a similar thing to when we were doing the 40k league to encourage us to get our army's assembled and painted. We are starting off with a target of 1500 points and will be working up from there. My first stab at a list is as follows (bear in mind that this is from a "n00b" perspective):

1500 Point Dwarf Army  
Dwarf Lord - Oathstone, Shield, Rune of Striking, Rune of Might, Master Rune of Smiting. 283 points
20 x Iron Breakers - Musician, Standard Bearer, 3 x Runes of Sanctuary. 323 points
20 x Dwarf Warriors - Shields, Great Weapons, Musician, Standard Bearer. 235 points
12 x Dwarf Warriors - Shields, Musician, Standard Bearer. 123 points
19 x Thunderers - Musician, Standard Bearer. 271 points
Grudge Thrower - Rune of Accuracy, Rune of Penetrating, Rune of Reloading. 140 points
Master Engineer - Great Weapon, Master Rune of Spite. 119 points

All in all that comes to 1494 points, I am totally expecting something (or should I say several somethings) in that list to be done wrong as it's my first stab at it and I will probably change it as I get more comfortable with the rules but it gives me a starting point to get things glued and painted. Ideas, suggestions and criticisms are, as always, appreciated guys.

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  1. I would try and get a BSB in there mate, perhaps drop the Master Engineer to a standard one and shave some points off here and there maybe from the Thunderers. The BSB re rolls for LD tests is too good to miss out on seeing as the LD test does a lot now.