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Saturday, 8 May 2010

1st BA Squad Done

I finally managed to get my finger out and spent the better part of the day today painting some of my Blood Angels painted. I now have my very first Assault Squad done, I've hit on a method of painting the guys that is leaving me happy that there's a fair amount of detail picked out on them whist at the same time is relatively quick for me to get done. They may be a touch heavy on the old washes for some peoples tastes but I like the way they look a touch "dirty", as if they have been in the field for some time.

All in all I'm pretty damn pleased with the way theyve turned out. Only about another 30 guys to go!!


  1. Looking good mate, Can't wait to lock horns with these boys on Wednesday!

    If you ever go back to them I would paint the gaps in the armour black such as the groin areas and the straps on the Jetpack torsos metal.

  2. I forgive you for dropping Tau because you've made a really cool looking BA unit.

  3. @Bradimus Prime: thanks dude, I'm planning to go back over them once I've the full army painted if I get time and tidy them up so I'll keep that in mind,

    @OSH: Thanks! I'm pretty pleased with how they've turned out and I'm hoping to carry the theme forwards with the rest of the army.