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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

3 Sanguinary Priests Walk Into A Bar.....

More progress with my Blood Angels!!!! Shocking I know! I've now finished the 3 Sanguinary Priests I need for my 1500 point list, they've turned out pretty good all in all.

These figures are the Sanguinary Priest figures from GW but as I have equipped them with Jump Packs and Power Weapons it means that I still have the funky backpack and right arm with the reductor from all 3 so I will be able to knock together another 3 foot slogging priests by adding those bits to a normal plastic marine if need be in the future.

I used a couple of the shoulder pad add ons from the Death Company box set to "pimp" some standard Jump Packs for these guys. One of the tricky parts of this was making the white on the Jump Packs look clean but I think they've turned out pretty nicely all in all.

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