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Friday, 26 March 2010

Tau vs IG - TAU WIN!!!!!

Yes thats right, last night we had the lastest round in our little league and I managed to pull a fairly comprehensive win off against Rick (Von Muller). The evening was only slightly mared by the fact that I decided to drop about a third of my army on the floor (at night flying stands are quite hard to see and the sound of them cracking underfoot is like shattering glass!) and the fact that I had opted not to do a battle report for once...go figure, sod's law working at it's finest!

The battle was Capture and Control with a Spearhead setup. I maintained the first turn despite Rick trying to seize the initiative and the first couple of turns mostly consisted of bits of Vendetta Gunships falling from the sky for the loss of a couple of shield drones (Rick had tried to gamble on getting the first turn and scout moved them accross on my flank - this was an extremely costly gamble). The battle consisted of pretty much just a running gun battle which is the type of fight the Tau just love and despite things looking a bit more promising for Rick in the middle of the battle Rick decided to concede at the end of my turn 5 as he had no way to capture or contest either of the objectives at that stage.

All in all it was a very good game and it did seem like the dice were firmly on my side for this one. Although I'm still last in our league I can now almost smell 3rd place. As I haven't been able to do a full battle report for this I thought this might make up for things slightly:

The fires from the ruined human tanks and transports lit the evening sky with a dull glow, several Fire Warriors moved amongst the wreckage looking for survivors. Whilst it was doubtful any of them would accept the Greater Good it was still necessary to offer the humans the chance for enlightenment.

Shas'El Yu’kka had dismounted from his crisis suit, today had been a good day for the Greater Good and he wished to remember every sight and smell of the battle field that his Cadre had decimated the human forces on personally, rather than through the dull measurements of his suits sensors.

He cast his eye across his Cadre, the losses incurred in the engagement had been light, amazingly so considering the last few engagements they had been part of but it seemed that now the tide of this campaign may be changing.

As he surveyed the battle field the wind shifted, and Yu’kka caught, just for a moment, the sound of a savage drum beat in the distance. A grim smile crossed his lips, the humans had fallen easily so how hard could scattering a few greenskins be……

As you may be able to guess from that my next league game is going to be against Neil's Ork's. Should be.....interesting!!


  1. We iz Orkz, we r da meanest n greenest der iz, n we gonna stomp ya flat fishead.

    (well done on your victory, once you got the tactics down and the army selection all that remains is luck and we all know you already mastered that)

  2. Congrats! I have been watching and waiting for a post like this since you started. Revel in the victory!

    Orks should be no trouble, just be sure to be dropping railgun submunitions on them every turn and keep moving.

  3. He played really well, on the odd occasion I managed to get to him I took what I fired at to bits but I couldn't get the main part of my army to engage.

    Sneeky bugger

    Well played, too me apart peicemeal.

  4. Awesome result dude! It's cool that Von Muller also has commented on this. You have a good spirited bunch of players.

  5. Great play and well done for winning with Tau against one of the newer and more powerful armies.

    Against orks, I echo OSH. Use as many hammerheads as you can to splat submunitions onto their mobs. Deathrains should open up any transports to give you more firing time and remember the kroot to provide speed bumps and cheap troops.

    Good luck

  6. Bout time you dirty space commie! Wish I could have looked over at what was going on but I was too bust fending Orks off left right and centre.

  7. Thanks for all the comments guys, it has been a long time coming as I honestly can't remember the last game I won with my Tau. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come and I've now got my list pretty much optimal I think.

    I'll stick a post up with the list I fielded in the next day or two (I meant to include it on this post but completely forgot!) as it's going to be the list I'll be rocking down to Mayhem with!