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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Holy Crap! Where Did All The Time Go?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Ok, I'm now sat here with a fair ammount of stuff to get painted before the Mayhem tournament.....which is the 10th and 11th of April.....which is just over a week away.....and I'm on a training course this week and away in Wales all through the Bank Holiday weekend!!!! Eeeep!!!!!!!!

What I need to get painted is as follows:

6 x Fire Warriors
2 x Devil Fish
6 x Gun Drones
2 x Broadsides
3 x Crisis Suits

Now to be honest that shouldn't pose too much of an issue as I've now finished with my last employer and had allready decided I was going to take a bit of a break before hitting the streets properly job hunting (it was a voluntary redundancy and the payout was.....significant). But that said I have had time off in the past where I wanted to spend getting all of my dudes painted up and still didn't manage it so we'll have to see.

I'd also like to get an additional 12 Fire Warriors painted as 12 of the ones I've done at the moment are dipped and I've kindof moved away from that for the rest of my army at the mo. Would be nice to show up with a completely uniformly painted Cadre.


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  2. Get the undercoating done tonight gogogogo! Then you'll get in the painting mood. Also make sure to leave then out as a visual reminder.

  3. Well that was the plan but it's been a tad on the damp side here so it's not really been possible. I have however made a start on getting the base materials on and am currently getting some headway on one of the Devilfish.

    Progress is good!

  4. Good luck for the tournament and getting the painting done :)

    I can really empathise with the painting I've got 3 crisis suits and 3 broadsides to do for my tournament in May, and I'm finding it really hard to get motivated (especially when I keep getting distracted with my marines).

    I suppose I should stop surfing and get back to the painting :)


  5. It's worse than I thought! I forgot about the 3 Crisis suits I need to get done lol

    @Rathstar: Thanks, I'm hoping to win at least 2 games this tournament as my target for the last one was to get 1 win which I managed...just!!