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Friday, 5 March 2010

League Update

Last night saw us facing off in another game of our little friendly league. First step was to assess our relative successes at getting 1k points worth of figures painted by the end of Feb. Now myself, Bradimus Prime, and Neil all took 1k points of fully painted figures down to Vapnartak earlier this month so we all managed to rack up the bonus 10 points on offer so the only question was whether Von Muller had managed the same, had he risen to the challenge and managed to get 1k of figures painted to do battle against the filthy Xeno's scum in the Emperors name?!?!?!?!?!? In a word, no. Although he had gotten very close he was still a few figures short and the rules are very emphatic on the point (well, Brad was at any rate!). Next target is 1500 points painted by the end of March so as this seems to be the only way I can reliably pick up points in the league I best get cracking!!

So with that out of the way we rolled off to see who would face who with our newly upgraded battle forces. It ended up with Rick's IG attempting to stem Neil’s Greenskin tide and my Tau Cadre attempting to bring the Greater Good to Brad's Space!

Battle report for my game will be up in the next few days but as I've updated the league table on top of the blog I think you may be able to work out how I fared!!!

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