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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Time to Get Cracking

Right then, after the mad painting dash for Vapnartak I've kind of taken a bit of a break from the paint brushes for a few weeks but now that I've got a 1500 point list in mind I'd quite like to get the remainder of it painted well before Mayhem rolls around so I can get a few practice games in with a fully painted Cadre.

In order to field the list I detailed in my last post I need to get the following painted:

That comprises of the following

1 x Devilfish (part done)
3 x Stealthsuits (fully painted asides from the bases)
2 x Broadsides
2 x Marker Drones
2 x Shield Drones
4 x Gun Drones
2 x Crisis Suits (still in boxes)

Now the perceptive amongst you will probably have noticed that only one of the boxes is actually a Crisis Suit, the other one is a Crisis Suit Commander - as the only difference between a bog standard Crisis Suit and the Commander is a different head and as you get all the bits in the Commander box set that are in the box for the standard Crisis Suits my plan is to magnetise the head on so that I can swap him between being a normal suit and a command suit.

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