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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Vapnartak Game 4

Game Type: Cleanse (see below)

Ok, I was entering this battle dead last in the ranking and it was my last chance to salvage a bit of pride for The Greater Good!!! This was a scenario that I think the organisers had come up with called “Cleanse” – basically the table was divided into quarters and each player deployed into quarters diagonally opposite each other. The winner was the player who scored the highest "game" points at the end of the match. Once the last turn had finished players counted as controlling a quarter if they had a scoring unit within it and no enemy units present, your deployment quarter was worth 1 game point, either adjacent quarter was worth 2 game points each and you opponents deployment quarter was worth 3 game points.

My opponent was playing Space Marines and was fielding a Terminator Librarian with a unit of Terminators on foot with Storm Shields and Thunder Hammers, 2 Tactical Squads (1 in a Rhino and 1 on foot) and 2 Predators.

He deployed everything at the start of the battle with his Tactical Squad in cover in the middle of his deployment zone with his 2 Predators at the side with his Terminators and Librarian further forwards and the Rhino with the second Tactical squad in a similar position.

I deployed my hammerhead in the far corner of my deployment with my 2 Devilfish in to the far left of my deployment area; the pathfinders were sat in a stand of trees on the forward edge of my deployment zone to the right and my Command section were deployed roughly in the centre of my deployment zone.

The Marines had the initiative so they went first the Terminators trundled forwards followed by the Rhino and his Predators and Tactical Squad tried some ineffective fire against my Devilfish.

I’m glad to report that this final battle was the one that saw the Cadre work exactly as it was supposed to! The Terminators came under a hail of long range fire and turn after turn were whittled down until only the Librarian was left and able to close with any of my units and the solo suit dropped in right next to the predators and was able to completely eliminate the first Predator and destroy the turret on the second before he died, the Devilfish (after helping to eliminate the Terminators) moved round to occupy one of the adjacent quarters and the game ended with the Tactical squad from the Rhino and the Librarian locked in melee with my command squad contesting the quarter I deployed in, my opponent having complete control of his deployment quarter and me claiming one of the adjacent ones with my Firewarriors – so with 2 game points to my opponents 1 I was able to claim victory and finish the day on a respectable 12 points (well, more respectable than 1 at least).

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