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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Vapnartak Game 1

Game Type: Capture and Control with Pitched Battle setup

This was to be my first game of the tournament and I drew Chaos Deamons. Now, I've never, ever, played against Deamons before and I haven't even looked through there codex so pretty much everything about this army was a mystery to me - additionally as my opponent had no vehicles my little "tank buster" suit would have somewhat less of an impact in this game.

I had the first turn and deployed everything other than my reserve suit onto my left flank, my opponents objective was pretty dead ahead of where I had deployed and mine was exposed on my right. I knew he would try to land something nasty near my objective so I figured this deployment should give me the breathing room to get a few rounds of fire in at them from range.

My opponent rolled and got his second wave as coming in first and dropped in with 2 units of troops (each one pretty much landing on top of each objective), some flying nasty’s and his big lad (Nurgle greater daemon I think). He moved his big lad forward and flyers towards the main body of my army whilst his 2 troop units secured the objectives, in return I lay down a bit of fire against the big lad assisted by Pathfinder Markerlights whilst moving the devil fish over towards my objective to try and shift those troops. My Suit came in and I decided to drop him near my opponent’s objective to try and soften up his troops there a bit.

His next turn was where things started to go a little pear shaped for me, he charged his big lad in against my HQ and ended up routing what was left off of the table and his flyers tore through my pathfinders like a dose of salts and he assaulted my lone suit with his troops on the objective. His other wave came in and pretty much proceeded to cause havoc amongst what was left of my forces – in the end I lost everything for absolutely no far, not so good.

Points at this stage were a big fat 0 as, although I got 2 for losing, I lost 1 for losing a HQ unit and another 1 for having no troops on the table at the end of the battle.


  1. That's a tough one. In the future, try to take second turn and just put everything in reserve against Daemons. Then as they come on you at least have some idea of where they are and you can move your units in from reserve at a safe distance. I think most daemons are foot-sloggers so you should be able to set a safe-distance and murder them with long range fire.

  2. Yeah, that was pretty much my impression as well - I spoke to a few people after my game and they were all saying that Deamons have next to no ranged ability, you live and learn I guess.