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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Vapnartak Game 2

Game Type: Annihilation with Spearhead Setup

So, after my first crushing loss I found myself playing Chaos Space Marines in round 2 – another army I’d never faced off against before but I was at least on vaguely familiar territory as I have played marines quite often so knew roughly what to expect from most of my opponents units (although the Daemon Prince did give me a few surprises).

So my opponent deployed first in his corner holding nothing in reserve – if I remember right in addition to the Prince he had 2 Rhinos each one with Troops inside but I can’t remember what type and 2 units of obliterator terminators.

As this game was for kill points I deployed everything as far into my corner as I could – I figured most of my units would have the range on him and I would hopefully be able pick away at him as he closed with me.

Turn 1 was pretty much a wash for my opponent with none of his fire having any effect but he did advance his units somewhat, my return fire fragged a rhino in cover (thanks to Markerlight assistance) along with a couple of the surviving passengers and I also advanced my command suit to try and take advantage of the cover.

Turn 2 was yet again where things began to get.....unpleasant for the Tau – his Deamon Prince used a “lash” ability to haul my Command Suits into assault range of his forcibly dismounted Troops and although they managed a few turns mixing things up in hand to hand thanks to their advanced technology (shield drones FTW) they inevitably they fell to the Chaos horde. My lone suit was actually able to do the job he was intended for this game and landed close by the remaining Rhino and turned it into slag, the passengers of said Rhino then expressed their displeasure for this somewhat directly by kicking him to death. The rest of the game pretty much involved the obliterators slowly pecking away at my vehicles whilst the Prince romped through what was left of my units.

End result was yet again that I was left with nothing on the table but at least this time I had managed to kill some of my opponents units so I counted it as a slight improvement over my first game. So, game 2 done and still sat on a big fat zero points, at this stage I was looking at the distinct possibility of finishing on zero and was not looking forwards to the potential comments I'd get from Bradimus Prime and Neil on the drive home!!! Still 2 more games to go but at this stage the chances of me walking away with the win I had hoped for were looking bleak.

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