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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Suits You Sir!!!

W00T!!!!!! I have now finished all my crisis suits!! This just leaves me with 4 Pathfinders and 4 Shield Drones to get painted tomorrow - piece of cake!!

So, here are a few piccies of the commander and his bodyguard:

All of the suits are magenetised so I have the option of swapping the weapons out for different configs - very handy when you consider the sheer amount of options you can kit a crisis suit out with.

In the 1k list I'm going to be running I have a single solo suit in addition to the command team. The idea is to have a single suit equiped in a Sunforge loadout and to use the possitional relay on the Commander and the Pathfinder devilfish to deepstrike up close and personal to the biggest piece of armour my opponent has on turn 2 and turn it into slag before it can do too much damage. Obviously this means that he will probably not last long so I decided to have a bit of fun with him.....

Bearing in mind this is my first attempt playing with green stuff I don't think it turned out all that bad.


  1. Nice work! Deepstiking is loads of fun but be careful, don't too close. I think you'll enjoy the use of daethrains suits at that points level. At any rate, have fun!

  2. Yeah dropping the dude in close is a bit of a risky strategy but I'm hoping the re-roll from the Pathfinder Devilfish will mitigate it somewhat. I'm going to be running the suits with a Fire Knife setup to start with as thats whats on the list I subbmitted for the tournament tomorrow but I'll definately be swapping to Deathtrain's for the next game I have after that. Thanks for the comments.