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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Taking Things up a Notch

Ok, so I've got my 1000 point Cadre pretty much sorted now (well painted at least) so now I need to build up to 1500 points in preparation for the Mayhem Tournament and the next stage of our "Tale of Four Gamers" league (Click the link to see a description by Bradimus Prime of where the idea for the league originated). So with that in mind I've been trawling several sources online, not least of which is Old Shatter Hand's fine Blog The Tau Of War which I HIGHLY recommend to any Tau Player, to try and get to a point where I have a pretty balanced 1500 point list.

So my first attempt with my newfound knowledge and the learning I have taken away from Vapnartak and getting regular beatings at the hands of Bradimus Prime amongst others (remember kids, losing is just an oportunity to learn how to win...unless you me lol!!!) comes out at 1475 points and is as follows:


Commander Shas'el (Airbursting Fragmentation Projector, Plasma Rifle, Hard Wired Drone Controller, Hard Wired Multi Tracker, Hard Wired Target Lock, Target Array)
2 x Shield Drones
2 x Fire Knife Config Bodyguards (Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, Targeting Array)


3 x 6 man Fire Warrior teams with Devilfish (Burst Cannon, Disruption Pod, Multi Tracker)


1 x 3 man Crisis Battlesuit Team in Deathtrain Config (Twin Linked Missile Pod, Flamer)

1 x 3 man Stealth Marker Team (2 x Stealthsuits and 1 x Team Leader with Bonding Knife, Hard Wired Drone Controller, Hard Wired Target Lock, Markerlight, Burst Cannon and 2 x Marker Drones)


Hammerhead Gunship with Rail Gun, Burst Cannons, Disruption Pods, Multi Tracker

1 x 2 man Broadside Team - Team Leader (Advanced Stabilisation System, Bonding Knife, Hard Wired Drone Controller, Hard Wired Multi Tracker and Smart Missile System) Broadside Suit (Advanced Stabilisation System, and Smart Missile System) and 2 x Shield Drones

So, thoughts, suggestions, and outright scorn is all appreciated people!


  1. I'm humbled by your comments about my blog. Thank you. Looks like well balanced list. I've been thinking lately about how crucial boradsides are to any Tau army. Both as a unit to scare your opponents and cause damage, but also to soak up fire that would otherwise be dished out on your crisis suits and hammerheads. 2+ saves in cover with shield drones are a tough nut to crack.

  2. Nice list. The only thing I'm not sure of is if you should put multitracker on the fireknife suits. That you get extra shots, although at a reduced bs. I'm really not sure myself, that's why I've just taken deathrains :D . Good luck.

  3. Thanks for the comments, guys.

    @ Aleksi Lehtio: I actually meant to put the Multi Tracker on all the Fireknife's and not just the Commander. As they're the Bodyguard unit they can take a Hard Wired Multi Tracker in addition to the two weapons and Targetting Array so would still be firing at BS 4 and I do so like to squeze as much fire power out of them as I can.

  4. Hi,

    The list looks good. I can see that you've gone with stealths for markerlights rather than pathfinders to keep the mobility of the list.

    The only thing that doesn't fit with me is the command team.

    The first thing that seems odd is the Air Frag Launcher, it seems at odds with the other weapons in the command team and the shas'el's plasma rifle. I'd swap it for a Cyclic Ion Blaster for anti MEQ or a Missile Pod for all purpose.

    Secondly I just think for cost effectiveness I think basic fireknifes are better than BS4 bodyguard fireknifes. The bodyguard cost 32% more, and shoot 33% better, however they are 0% more survivable than a BS3 fireknife (apart from in the rare situation the extra Init or WS might save them). In summary I don't think the increase overall effectiveness is worth the extra cost, not to mention the shas'el has the option of leaving an elite slot crisis team. You could have 3 BS3 fireknifes for 22 pts more than the 2 bodyguards.

    The rest of the list is pretty optimally built (well in my eyes), so here's the best way I suggest getting the 22 pts to change the 2 bodyguard to 3 elite slot fireknifes (in case you've already ear marked how you were going to use the spare 25 pts):

    Change the Shas'el Air Frag to a Missile Pod - 8 pts
    Lose the HW Multi-tracker and the bonding knife on the broadside - 10 pts
    Lose the HW target lock on the shas'el - 5 pts
    Total saved = 23 pts

    This is only my suggestion, and I'd be interested in your views on my suggestion.

    I'm looking forward to more of your battle reports. The pictures make it really easy to follow what's happening, and it's always great to see a nicely painted Tau army on the field of battle.


  5. @ Rathstar: Thanks for the comments, any constructive criticism is always appreciated. The main reason I went with the Air Frag was that I've been running it in my 1k list and found it to be quite effective but in hindsight it is only of limited scope (good against light armoured infantry in cover, bad against pretty much anything else) given that most current tournament lists seem to be going all MEQ, all the time it would seem to make a bit more sense to drop it!

    I really like the idea of having an extra suit in the mix and running the commander solo gives me a bit more flexibility as I can then attach him wherever he's needed. I haven't spent the last 25 points on anything yet so those added to the points savings you suggest gives me ample points to do the swap out and still have a few to play with (I'm thinking a couple of seeker missiles to pad out the anti armour capability of the list).

    So all in all I've pretty much taken all your advice onboard and am planning to adopt the lot! Thanks for the pointers, right off to GW to get another Crisis Suit!