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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Looking to the Next Month

The next game in our friendly league will be next Thursday, I'm pretty much going to be running the same list as I did last time with a couple of minor tweeks - mainly this will involve dropping the Stealsuits for Pathfinders and then seeing how things stand with points. My aim to get cracked on with painting has failed abysmally up to press, although I have managed to get the other 3 Crisis Suits magnetised and some basing material on in preparation for undercoating.

The League Game will be one of the last times I get to test drive my list before the Mayhem tournament in mid April so I pretty much need to be happy with what I'm running so I know what I've gotta get painted by then. That said I'm not overly concerned about getting stuff painted in time as I finish with my current employer at the end of this month and have decided to take a few weeks to myself before jumping at something else (the joys of a nice fat redundancy package!).


  1. Stick with it! You'll be winning some games soon. There is a pretty steep learning curve with Tau. it takes time and practice but it'll happen.

  2. I send OSH's motion. You really need to make the most of every unit and every turn with your army, but it will reward you handsomely when you do.

    Best of luck, Pete

  3. Personally for their point cost i find stealth suits just too weak for what they do. For an extra 12 points a unit (in a unit of 3) you can have a 3 man crisis squad with +1 toughness, +1 wounds, flamer, burst cannon and multi tracker.

  4. Thanks alot for the comments guys.

    @Gredus: Well I was planning on using the Stealthsuits as Markerlight delivery systems as I had had alot of luck in the past with using them in such a manner (the Stealth Field was very effective at this) but in the last couple of games they seem to be considerably less than effective. I've had a quick look at the points and for the same as the 3 Stealth Suits and 2 Marker Drones I'm looking at taking 4 Pathfinders and their Devil Fish and taking another 6 Fire Warriors on foot which would give me 1 more Marker Light, a fair bit more fire power and another scoring unit.

  5. Seems a much better idea. I can't get my head around the stealth suits in 5th edition, they need their points changed or maybe moved to fast attack or something. I can't think of any reason to take them over crisis suits as an elite choice.