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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Progress Update

So another weekend rapidly draws to a close and I have shockingly actually managed to get some work done on my Tau. In total we have another Devilfish and 6 Firewarriors painted and 4 Pathfinders prepped for painting.

Ok, for the Pathfinder's what I've done is converted some spare bit's I had lying around from Fire Warrior leftovers and Hammerhead crew, I'm using the bonding knife from the Firewarrior sprues on the end of the Pulse Carbines to represent a markerlight node. I'm tempted to paint them with a slightly different style to the Firewarriors to mark them out as different at a glance but as yet I'm undecided on exactly what I'm going to do.

The current aim is to get a 1000 point list painted and ready that will form the core of my army, I can then work on scalling that up to 1500 points and beyond!

The list I have in mind will contain the following models:

2 x Devil Fish (Painted!)
12 x Fire Warriors (Painted!)
1 x Hammerhead (Painted!)
4 x Crisis Suits (Not Painted)
4 x Pathfinders (Not Painted)
4 x Shield Drones (Not Painted)

The only stumbling blocks I have at the moment are that I'm one Crisis Suit short (trip to GW tomorrow on lunch break methinks!) and that I idealy want to magnetise my suits before I start painting them but I'm waiting on the magnets just now - all being well they should be here by the end of the week though so once I have em in my grubby little mits I should be able to rock on!

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