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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Kroot (and Vespid) Issue

Now, I have always made a decision with my Tau that I will not field Kroot or Vespid units - this is for one reason and one reason alone.....

.....they're ugly!!!

Well, I suppose that should be prefaced with "In my opinion..." but you get the idea. One of the things I really love about the Tau is the look of the army and I just feel that those two unit types just don't fit within the "aesthetic" feel that I want to convey.

Now, that's a fairly simple choice I hear you all say, if you don't like something don't buy it but the sticking point is now coming in that I'm looking at entering into the world of tournament play and I'm worried that I might be shooting myself in the foot a bit.

Vespid's I'm fairly comfortable with not having but when it comes to Kroot I do start to wonder - for a start they're cheaper than Fire Warrior's and some of the little tricks they can do may come in handy. I need to have a proper look at them when I get home as up until now I've pretty much glazed over when I've gotten to their section of the codex but I'm starting to lean more towards having them and just trying not to look at the damn things!!!


  1. My take on kroot is that they're not all that important. Not taking them is ok. That said some players love them! I like them in smaller games but in bigger games not so much.

  2. Move along citizen these arent the Kroot you are looking for!

  3. Well I guess I'm gonna bow to popular opinion and leave the ugly little blighters in the care of GW then