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Friday, 15 January 2010

The Drums of War!!!

Last night myself and some friends kicked off a little friendly league that's going to run for the next few months. The players are myself fielding Tau, Brad fielding Space Wolves, Rick with his Imperial Guard, and Young Un with his Orks. The idea is that we are setting ourselves a target of getting our respective armies painted whilst still getting a few games in the bag – so points will be awarded for hitting certain painting targets as well as winning games. I’ll go into things in a bit more detail later but last night was the first time we got together so we went for a 1000 point list each and played 2 games, they were as follows:

Round 1 – Space Wolves Vs Orks, Tau Vs Imperial Guard

Round 2 – Space Wolves Vs Imperial Guard, Tau Vs Orks

After those matches the rankings are as follows

1Brad (Bradimus Prime)Space Wolves20020
2Rick (Von Muller)Imperial Guard11012
2Youn Un (Cpt Machine)Orks11012

Needless to say I need to seriously look at my list and my tactics!!!

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