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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Battle Report: Tau Vs Imperial Guard

Ok, I’ll be telling this mostly from the Tau point of view and as it’s my first attempt at a battle report I apologise in advance if I’ve missed anything out. This was my first game in our league, I was facing off against Von Muller's Imperial Guard and we were fielding 1000 point armies.

Forces: Imperial Guard
Company Commander with Vox Caster and Las Cannon detachment.
Platoon Command mounted in Chimera with 3 Flamers and Vox Caster.
Infantry Platoon comprising Commissar and 3 Infantry Squads
Veteran Squad mounted in Chimera’s with a Las Cannon and 2 x Plasma Gun detachments
Veteran Squad mounted in Chimera’s with a Las Cannon and 3 x Melta Gun detachments
Leman Russ Demolisher

Forces: Tau
Crisis Suit Commander with 2 man bodyguard and 2 shield drones
2 x 6 man Fire Warrior teams mounted in Devilfish with Disruption Pods, SMS and Multitracker
2 man Broadside Team with 2 Shield Drones
Hammerhead with Disruption Pod and Multitracker

Mission: Seize Ground
Deployment: Dawn of War

We were playing for a total of 5 objectives marked on the following picture in red dots and we both opted not to have anything deployed at the start of the battle.

Commander Von Muller had the initiative and moved his entire battle force into play, he positioned his basilisk screened by his Infantry Platoon on his left flank, his Company Command and 2 Chimera’s carrying the Veteran squads on his right flank and had his remaining Chimera carrying his Platoon Command and the Demolisher in the centre. He moved his infantry forwards to secure the first objective and advanced his mechanised elements forwards also.

The Tau proceeded onto the field leaving the Devil Fish carrying the Fire Warriors in reserve. The broadsides occupied the cover on my left flank whilst the Commander, not wishing to risk moving at speed into the terrain, moved into position behind cover on the right – this would shortly prove to be costly. The Hammerhead moved into the centre of the deployment zone to attempt to lay some fire down but due to the persistent darkness was unable to acquire a firing solution.

The Chimera’s carrying the Veteran Squads began their advance down the Imperals right hand flank laying down fire on the Broadsides supported by the Company Commanders Las Cannon, however the Broadsides superior armour and position in cover meant they were able to shrug this fire off for no effect. The Broadsides and Hammerhead then returned fire upon the Chimera’s immobilising them both but not before they achieved an advanced enough position to secure the second objective for the Imperials.

The Demolisher rumbled forwards but was unable to gain a firing solution against the Hammerhead due to extreme range. Roaring into life the Basilisk launched a shell across the ruins of the buildings and landed a direct hit upon the Tau Commander, as the smoke cleared he was still standing, however his bodyguards were not so fortunate.

Cursing himself for not occupying the cover whilst he had the chance and blinded by rage the Tau commander launched himself forwards hoping to avenge his fallen brothers only to fall victim to the combined fire of the Infantry platoon.

The Demolisher and Chimera carrying the Platoon Command drew into range of the Hammerhead and were able to acquire a firing solution through the haze of the disruption pods to force the Hammerhead to make a considerably less than graceful landing.

The two Tau Devilfish powered in from the rear, attempting to rapidly advance onto the some of the objectives however concentrated Imperial fire disabled the engines of the rear Devilfish and reduced the lead transport to a rapidly expanding cloud. The surviving Fire Warriors from the lead Devilfish, knowing that the capture of these objectives was vital to the Greater Good, attempted to advance onto the closest objective but were too badly shaken – knowing that they would get no further in their immobilised transport the remaining Fire Warrior team braved the imperial fire and moved across the open in support of their comrades.

The Basilisk then opened up again, it’s target the now immobile Hammerhead!

Cheers initially met the shot as the Tau sensors aboard the Hammerhead were able to determine the shot would land wide....which rapidly turned into cries of despair when the round deviated directly into the middle of the, now closely grouped, Fire Warriors!

The remaining Fire Warriors shakily proceeded to advance and capture the nearest objective, salvaging some small amount of pride. The Imperial’s, emboldened by the xeno carcases littering the battle field, focused their fire upon the Broadsides causing one to fall and destroying the accompanying shield drones – unable to stand under such onslaught the remaining pilot pulled his Broadside off of the battlefield.

As the remaining Fire Warriors prepared themselves to sell their lives dearly the call came in over the comms – the allotted time to secure this area had expired and they were ordered to withdraw and regroup with the main Tau battle force. Their comrades had given their lives....for nothing.

Well, this was the first occasion I had had to face off against Von Muller 1 on 1 with my Tau and I think my inexperience of the Imperial Guard cost me somewhat along with a few mistakes along the way but it was an enjoyable game and if nothing else I did learn a few lessons out there (like always take the risk and move my suits into cover!!!).


  1. Haha I was pissing myself with laughter when I read about the Basilisk scattering onto the fire warriors!! Good write up mate.

  2. Cheers dude. Am going to try and get the one for my game with Young Un up as well but not sure I'm going to have time - will have to see