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Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Tau Problem.......

Or should I say "The Mess I've gotten Myself Into By Buying Too Much Stuff....".

Right then, what follows are pictures of my Tau that I've painted thus far and then the stuff that I have yet to paint.


The above comprises of the following:
12 x Fire Warrior
1 x Devil Fish
2 x Gun Drone


That, ladies and gentlemen is the made up of the following:

2 x Devil Fish
2 x Hammerhead
5 x Piranah
3 x Broadside Battle Suit
3 x Crisis Battle Suit
15 x Stealth Suit
24 x Fire Warrior
4 x Pathfinders
and finally
37 x assorted Drones (I have about another 20 or so to glue together as well)

Given a bit of luck and time I may have this lot finished by some point in 2029 or so! Now if you think that's bad then I may suprise you someday with pics of what I've got to paint for my Eldar.....


  1. What you meant to say is 37 assorted pains in arse that need painting instead of gun drones.

  2. You're just still annoyed because one of my Gun Drones took out one of your terminators in hand to....erm....disc? combat